And your bird can sing
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"We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars" - Oscar Wilde


Twin Peaks (1990) - David Lynch




wow and she was dead ass

Just so you guys know this is a thing started on 4chan where they would take this and just add really offensive horrible things to it (you can even see the deleted characters above the “Like” button) and for some reason this edit, as well as an edit where “she” was condoning rape, became popular. Normally I wouldn’t care but I’m pretty sure she’s like 14 and is getting bullied terribly
I creeped her facebook and here’s her newer posts on the subject:

Just so you all know!


Boost this to the moon. Clear this woman’s name.

floriferous said: You mean a series of unfortunate events? I agree, although the first movie wasn’t the best it could have been which is probably why it didn’t get to have a sequal

Yeah lol thats what I meant :L Really I loved that film, it had everything for me. Mind you I havent read the books so I cant conpare them. 

Films they should have made a sequel to:
-A sequence of unfortunate events
-Northern lights
-A sequence of unfortunate events